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Moving Preparation Package (READ DESCRIPTION)

Moving Preparation Package (READ DESCRIPTION)

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Additional spots may become available throughout the months so check back monthly for availability if sold out.

This package is for someone who plans on moving within 1 year/6 months/3 months and needs that extra guidance.

Are you thinking about moving out by yourself, to a new city, new state, or even a new country and don't know where or how to start planning?

I moved out of state by myself with no family, no dog, no kids, no boyfriend, no NOTHING. Just me and my belongings. I planned everything out to the T and made sure I was successful financially. My entire move was smooth from the start.

I will help you from start to finish as if it was myself moving again.

We will meet monthly to ensure that everything is in place for your upcoming move date. Closer to your move day, occasionally we may meet more then we did in the very beginning.

Together we will create you a moving plan that will have ensure your move goes as smooth as possible (Narrowing down options, financial plan, etc..)

The financial aspect will be something that we will work together on very heavy because you know you can't move without money and no one wants to move somewhere and be broke right after that move

Included In Package

  • Monthly Sessions (described above)
  • One on one access with me
  • Moving Mental & Financial Guide
  • Budget Planner
  • Journal
  • Undated Calendar


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