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Moving Financial & Mental Guide

Moving Financial & Mental Guide

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Are you planning or wanting to move but don't know where to start?
This e-book is for individuals who plan on moving out for the first time, to a new apartment/home, new city, new state, etc. Pretty much anyone who plans on moving and needs some type of extra boost in financial guidance.
Back in April of 2023, I moved out of state all by myself. No kids, no pets, no friends, no boyfriend, NO NOTHING! 
Moving out of state can be difficult but with careful planning and hard work it can be done. The main thing is to properly budget and stick to the schedule.
Versus my Youtube videos, I actually share my financial guide that i made to help me prep and stay on track to move on my deadline. My e-book preps you all the way from financially to mentally. 
I promise that if you take key of what I discuss in this e-book, your move will be so smooth and you'll be more then prepared!


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