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Girl Get Up! You Are That Girl!

Girl Get Up! You Are That Girl!

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Do you want to be "That Girl"? Are you ready to take charge of your life? Do you want to be a woman who takes care of herself and makes choices that are good for her well-being? If so, then our "That Girl" planner is for you! This planner will help you get into a mindset where you're confident and empowered by creating healthy habits. Your mindset will be transformed and you’ll get clear on what it is that you truly want in life. You’ll set goals you know are achievable, yet challenging enough to reach your highest potential. Our planner has been designed to help you develop the habits and actions necessary for self-care, success and happiness! With our planner you will create a relationship with yourself that builds rather than breaks you.
The future belongs to you! Design a new life for yourself, and become the best version of yourself!



✓ Undated format - you can reuse your planner every month.
✓ Daily planning pages.
✓ Daily reflection.
✓ Mental health check ups
✓ Comes with extra PRODUCTIVITY, FINANCE, WELLNESS planning pages.
✓ Self-reflection questions to ask yourself every month.
✓ Easy navigation throughout the planner 
✓ Monday & Sunday start.

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